Part 1 of the project will take place over 15 weeks from the end of April to the beginning of August.

Weekly online sessions will take the form of discussion and making workshops. Together, we will reflect on the current situation, check in about how we are individually coping, discuss ideas for positive community action and share interesting articles and videos.


Creative tasks in and around these sessions may include:

Photography, creating soundscapes, journaling, recording podcast interviews or your ‘isolation discs’, making and sending postcards to people in your community, making and editing short films, letter writing, song writing, oral histories with family members, portraiture, sending and receiving artwork in the post.


Once social distancing measures have been relaxed, Part 2 of the project will move offline, culminating in a series of celebratory community gatherings hosted by the young artists in your area. They will be a chance for our young people to share their ideas for moving forwards and showcase particular aspects of their creative journeys. They may include, for example, a shared meal, hosted talks, performed readings or songs. Participants will bring together not only their friends and families, but also the wider community. The young artists will be encouraged to find ways of engaging with and inviting key workers or vulnerable people who may have found isolation particularly difficult.


We will give an update on Part 2 when we know more about when/how social distancing policies are being relaxed.